Equine Manége and Arenas

We often get asked by our clients, what is the difference between an Equine Manége and an Arena? Well the answer is, there is no difference! They mean exactly the same thing. Arena is the British term for an equestrian area that the horse and rider use to exercise and train in. And manége is the French meaning.

Please don't get mixed up with menage! This has a whole new meaning. :-)

Why do I need one?

Morton Maneges know the importance of the safety of you and your horse. We have many years experience in designing and constructing high quality, affordable and aesthetically pleasing arenas in Yorkshire and beyond. Your horse deserves the best and safest way to exercise that you can afford. We are happy to work within your budget, build in stages, or simply offer guidance and advice to assist you and you school.

Please don't hesitate to contact Darren Morton on 07564 640 293 who is happy to answer any questions you may have. Or visit our sister website for more information.

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